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Waste Water

Wastewater treatment systems efficiently separate and digest solid wastes and treat the wastewater, in a series of controlled biological processes, to a level of purity unattainable by conventional septic systems.

Wastewater is the generic term for all the effluent and "grey" water produced inside your home.

It includes the outflow from your:

  • toilet
  • laundry troughs
  • baths and showers
  • washing machines
  • hand basins
  • kitchen sinks
  • bathroom/laundry floor drains
  • dishwashers

This wastewater is heavily contaminated and empties into drainpipes running under the floor of your home, connecting to an underground Main Sewer Drain running around the outside of the house.

The average household uses 100-150 litres per person every day.

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This clean, odour-free water, disinfected to international health and environmental standards - is then automatically recycled to garden irrigation systems.