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Installed 5000L tank

Installed 5000L tank

Mains water top up unit

Pump and pump cover

Why Buy a Water Tank?

Investing in a water tank makes good sense, regardless of whether you're in an urban or rural area.

There are plenty of good reasons to install a water tank:

  • You might live in an area where there are strict water restrictions.
  • You might be in a Council area where you're required to install a tank or there is no town water service.
  • You might want to harvest rainwater to irrigate your garden.
  • You're sick of washing the car with a bucket.
  • You don't want to drink water with added chemicals
  • You want to pay less for water you use around your home

We have a wide range of water tanks to meet every need.

Included with every water tank

  • Fitted inlet strainer
  • Overflow
  • Gatevalve to suit

Recommended site preparation for your polyethylene tank

Correct site preparation is a must before installing your new Tanks Direct tank and we stress the importance of this to ensure the lasting lifespan of the tank.

Below are the correct installation procedures for siting your tank, using the following:

  • Concrete slab
  • Tank stand
  • Above ground on a base of sand or crusher dust to a depth of 5-7cm (2-3").

The above sites must be level and greater than the diameter of the tank. All ground-based tanks should be back-filled with a minimum of 30cm (1ft) of soil to help prevent undermining the base.

Upon delivery of your tank, it is important that it is secured. Tie down the tank. Your tank is fully guaranteed when sited correctly.

Please contact us if you have any further queries regarding installation methods of your tank.

Note: All tanks are swept and vacuumed before leaving the factory. Shavings and small pieces are sometimes missed due to the static holding them on the side walls, etc. The only way to fully clean the tank to your satisfaction is to wash out and fully drain it once the tank has been correctly sited.

FREE local delivery

Cq Water offers free delivery of your water tank to most areas. Conditions apply (call us for more details)

Delivery to rural regions or into locations that are difficult to access may involve an additional freight cost.